Your partner for drilling technology in special civil engineering

Eurodrill are global specialists in designing and producing hydraulic drifters and rotary heads.
We’ll be your partner in specialised civil engineering projects and can offer drilling systems for drill rigs and the end user.

At Eurodrill we combine technological excellence with focused customer service and renowned problem-solving know-how. We offer customised innovation at the highest level for our worldwide clientele. Our research and development is driven by our client’s needs and objectives. Eurodrill technology is specially designed to complete your project, no matter how demanding it might be.

Years of experience in hydraulic drill head production, highly qualified employees, the very latest CAD design procedures and world-leading production facilities allow us to develop innovative drilling solutions for the most challenging civil engineering projects.


Ideas and knowledge create the future

Careful listening to the wishes of our customers enable us to find the best solution for their demands and builds-up the basis of contentment and success of all our clients. It is our task and our challenge to query the existing, to realize the requirement intime and by constant improvement we are able to work out innovative solutions for the future.

Due to his individual skills and due to his motivation each employee is important for having content customers and for the successful operation of the whole company.