• E-Heads

    X-Series –
    Flexibility as a new standard

    The EURODRILL X-Series stands for highest flexibility and efficiency. Due to the possibility of a simple conversion of a rotary head to a drifter and vice versa, you get a multi-functional drill drive for all common drilling methods.


    Maximum flexibility and minimization of investment costs by easy interchangeability of the individual components.

    Modular and compact design for low space requirements and high economic claim

    Option - Adaptation kits percussion: Wear-free damping system to retract the drilling tools under most severe conditions.

    Optimal supply of mechanical components and bearings by separate oil and grease lubrication

    Compatible to drill rigs of all manufacturers for different applications and requirements

    A rotary drive basically consists of two components:

    1. Rotation

    The rotary mechanism ensures the rotational movement and can also be reversed in its direction.

    2. Adaptation kits

    Due to the interchangeability of different adaptation kits, rotary heads of the X-Series can be converted very fast and cost-effective for different applications.

    • Rotary kit – for simple rotary drilling applications
    • Floating spindle kit – for use with down-the-hole hammer
    • Hydraulic drifter kit – for percussion drilling applications



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