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    EURODRILL GmbH donates €6,500 to support kindergartens in Drolshagen

    EURODRILL GmbH has donated a total of €6,500 to help kindergartens in the various villages that make up the town of Drolshagen. The mechanical engineering company, which is based in Drolshagen, held a casual pre-Christmas get-together for a symbolic handover of the donations on December 19, 2022, in its facility restaurant.

    The following kindergartens received donations: Kindergarten “Wirbelwind” (Frenkhausen), Kindergarten “Die kleinen Strolche” (Bleche), GFO Kindergarten Mittendrin (Germinghausen), GFO Kindergarten St.Franziskus (Drolshagen), Katholischer Kindergarten St. Antonius (Iseringhausen), Kindergarten “Unter’m Regenbogen” (Schreibershof), Sonnenkindergarten (Hützemert), Familienzentrum St. Clemens (Drolshagen), and GFO Kindergarten & Familienzentrum Herrnscheider Kindernest (Drolshagen).

    EURODRILL GmbH Managing Director Ralf Sönnecken enjoyed the pleasant and interesting discussions he had…

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