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    Eurodrill GmbH supports regional associations with more than €12,000

    Eurodrill GmbH continued its tradition of supporting regional organizations, clubs, and associations in Drolshagen in 2021 by distributing new donations at the end of the year. More than €12,000 was donated in this manner, whereby one of the donations was made back in August in response to the catastrophic flooding that occurred in western Germany, as Eurodrill GmbH wanted to make sure that flood victims could be assisted quickly here. This donation was made to support the successful flood victim-aid operations conducted by the local Meinerzhagen chapter of the AWO relief organization. More specifically, Eurodrill GmbH thanked Susanne Berndt and her team at AWO Meinerzhagen for their outstanding work in local and regional networks by making a donation of €5,000.

    Eurodrill GmbH traditionally focuses its donations on programs and measures that support children and teenagers in the region, but this year we…

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