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    X-Series . One drill head for three different applications

    Versatile devices have proven to be the right choice for the special civil engineering market

    There is one trend clearly apparent in special civil engineering: the schedules are increasingly tight and the availabilty of capacities is limited. Using equipment that universal as well as flexible is one of the decisive factors for the success of a project.

    Highly efficient equipment that can be used for more than one drilling application brings huge value to a project. Several years ago, Eurodrill launched the first of its multi-purpose drill heads from the X-Series which successfully met this market requirement. And last year saw the completion of the full range of X-Series multi-purpose drill heads. The X-Series drillheads always use the same gear box and can be quickly combined with various attachment kits to perform three different applications:

    1. Simple rotary drilling applications.
    2. Down-the-hole hammer…
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