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    15. June 2021

    Product innovations 2021- Eurodrill have been busy during lockdown

    Drilling head specialists, Eurodrill, have been operating at full capacity despite the pandemic.

    While many businesses were forced to close, Eurodrill were busy developing five new products for their innovative drillhead line, all of which will be unveiled at upcoming trade fairs.

    As always, Eurodrill’s R&D team focused their efforts on efficiency and sustainability. This time they have come up with the optimised ED15 percussion unit which combines anchor drilling technology with rock-drilling technology. In tests using the 15 KW percussion unit with the RH 4X drillhead at a granite quarry, even the Eurodrill team were surprised with the results. The ED15 percussion unit exceeded even the teams expectations in the test.

    “The combination of the well-proven RH 4 X with the one-piece shank adaptor and the powerful ED 15 makes it the perfect drilling head for self-drilling anchors." states head of sales, Andreas Pikowski.

    And that’s not all they have been up to. Eurodrill have also extended their modular X-series to include the new efficient RH 52 X drilling head. The 52 kNm strong head is now equiped with a new motor/driving technology which allows a much higher speed and torque range.

    Eurodrill have also been breaking ground in the vibration technology field with the development of two new vibration systems. It is precisely thanks to its advantages over traditional sonic drilling applications, such as lower plant investments and lower maintenance and operating costs, that this technology is becoming more and more widespread. The RHV 32 is replacing the RHV 2400. The new head weighs 150 kg less than its predecessor, is 100 mm more narrow, and with 32 kNm, offers a significant increase in torque.

    The new double head system DHV 32, combines the RHV 32 which the RH 10 X which can be used as a rotary or even percussion head. Eurodrill is still the only supplier on the market to offer this superior technology.

    The team at Eurodrill are hoping to show off all their new innovations with clients from across the globe at upcoming trade shows. As sales manger Andreas Pikowski says, "We are looking forward to having direct contact with our customers again. We miss that very much. As a special highlight, we will also present the RHP 10 E, our brandnew electrically driven head at the upcoming trade fairs, as of course we see it as our duty to offer relevant contemporary solutions here as well."