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    20. December 2023

    EURODRILL donates EUR 6,000 to Drolshagen secondary school and bookshop

    Metalworking is important for EURODRILL because it accounts for the majority of our business activities. It is equally important for us that schoolchildren come into contact with metalworking in order to get them interested in the metalworking industry and to familiarize them with mechanical and plant engineering. This is the only way we can maintain the basic job profiles in our industry and continue to rely on young people coming to our company for internships or apprenticeships in the future.

    Teachers also complain that metalworking is neglected due to the expensive tools and workpieces. We are therefore dedicating this year's Christmas donation of 3,500 euros to the Drolshagen secondary school for its technology room, thereby raising our profile at the same time.
    In addition, 2,500 euros went to the local library. The director, Simone Stachelscheid, and her team at the Heinrich Bone bookshop want to invest the money in additional equipment.