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    17. November 2021

    A look back at the Southern Section Construction Project

    Space in the assembly hall had been getting tighter and tighter in recent years due to the strong growth we had been experiencing. We therefore had to come up with a plan – one that would also minimize the long distances we needed to cover for material flows, as well as...

    Our solution was to move machining production operations to a new hall that was built over an area of approximately 20,000 square meters. The site also has space to accommodate future expansions. A great deal of commitment, dedication and hard work on the part of everyone made it possible for us to complete the new hall in less than two years.

    • Construction cost: €4 million
    • New usable area: 1,130 square meters
    • Hillside removal and earth moved: 20,000 cubic meters
    • Volume of materials used: 3,000 truckloads