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    12. October 2020

    High-frequency percussion unit . The new addition for RH 4 X

    Eurodrill raises the bar with its new high-frequency percussion unit

    Eurodrill’s latest development, a powerful high-frequency percussion unit which can be added to its RH 4 X drill head, reduces drilling time significantly, especially when drilling through hard rock layers.

    The unit is already proving to be the perfect solution for self-drilling anchors operating in difficult terrain.

    When paired with the RH 4 X drill head, frequency is increased by more than 80 per cent to 75Hz.

    The unit is best used for self-drilling anchors with diameters of 30-80mm and offers continuous use under multiple conditions for a wide variety of applications.

    "Since January 2020, the percussion unit fitted to our RH 4 X drill head has been used by customers all over the world. The feedback has been fantastic. Our clients love the drilling performance and flexibility. But we're also hearing great things about the reductions in drilling times and the decrease in slurry production," said Andreas Pikowski, head of sales, Eurodrill.

    Increased productivity combined with Eurodrill's renowned superior technology makes the RH 4 X fitted with the new high-frequency percussion unit the go-to hardware when drilling under tough conditions.

     Editorial Geodrilling International / October 2020