• E-Heads


    Service kits for percussion heads

    Eurodrill service kits consist of the most important spare and wear parts. Accordant provision reduces unnecessary downtime on the job site. With respective order please provide type of required shank adaptor as well as serial number of drifter.

    Contents of service kits for drifters with shank adaptor excl. flushing:

    • 1 x no. of shank adaptor at choice (excl. flushing)
    • 1 no. of guide ring for shank adaptor
    • 1 no. of seal kit for damping unit
    • 1 no. of seal kit for gear
    • 1 no. of seal kit for percussion mechanism
    • 1 no. of additional scraper ring for shank adaptor
    • 1 no. of each repair kit for accumulator installed
    • 1 no. of special hose for damping unit (if required)

    Contents or additional contents with shank adaptor incl. flushing:

    • 1 no. of shank adaptor incl. flushing at choice (instead of shank adaptor excl. flushing)
    • 4 no. of seal for flushing ring


    servicekit Datasheet